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A Decomposition of Agricultural Productivity Growth in Asia and GMS Countries Print E-mail

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With growing concerns about a world food crisis and surging food prices, economic stability and food security are now back on policy agendas. From a global perspective, each world region must have a sufficient supply in agricultural products in order to meet the growing demand for food and anticipated increases in world population for the first half of this century. Asia is the world’s largest continent and the world’s most populated region. With nearly half of the potential agricultural resources, Asia has the potential to supply an increase in world food demand. During the past two decades, following the successful introduction of the Green Revolution, Asia has experienced impressive growth in rice and wheat production (Pingali and Heisey, 1999). The Green Revolution in Asia was achieved through the application of the high-yielding varieties of major cereals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and the development of irrigation systems. Increased input use, however, cannot guarantee long-run sustainable growth rates of yields and output (Huang Jikun, Pray, and Rozelle, 2002). Cultivated land per capita has declined due to population growth, urbanization, and industrialization in several rapidly developing Asian nations that were already characterized as having relatively limited land resources. The decline in arable area was exacerbated by a series of land degradation processes (Pingali, Heisey, and Gerpacio, 1997). Moreover, rapid economic growth in many countries has enhanced the availability of off-farm employment and increased the opportunity cost of rural labor.



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