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Holiday in Thailand ? Best in Luxury & Value for Money: Here come the opportunities Print E-mail
Written by Pairach Piboonrungroj   
The Bluebird Perspectives No.4

13 January 2009

Finally, I have got some good news for the tourism industry in Thailand. The first one is from the British side.

Best value for money
?The holiday pound is worth most in Thailand?
The Mirror

Worth is not cheap! It is a comparative adventages of Thai tourism for ages. It is still with us. Research by Andrew Spice of Post Office travel services shows that Thailand is the most value-for-money (Pound) destination by comparing cost of poppular holiday items items including:

? A three course evening meal with bottle of wine
? Sun cream
? Mineral water
? Cigarettes
? A cup of coffee
? A can of coke

The buddle of items costs ?39.02 or around 2,000 Baht in Thailand but double in Italy (?84.58 or 4,250 Baht). Top ten value destinations especially for the pound are as follows:

Who are our competitors?
(In term of cost)

1. Thailand - ?39.02
2. South Africa - ?45.50
3. Malaysia - ?46.26
4. Kenya - ?53.06
5. Spain - ?68.38
6. Egypt - ?69.13
7. USA - ?73.92
8. Greece - ?74.63
9. France - ?79.08
10. Portugal - ?80.97
YES, it is Phuket!

Just ten days before the inauguration of the US president-elect Barack Obama, the New York Times has release the list of 44 places to go in 2009. Among the list, there is the only one destination in Thailand, which is the best luxury destination.

?Luxury Destination of The Year: Phuket?
The New York Times

How luxury is Phuket?

?A paradise of mangroves, tropical island and emerald covers set in electric-blue waters, the Andaman Coast is one of the world?s best-known beach destination ? Its vacation options range from some of the most luxe accomodations on the planet?

In the article, Phuket as well as its surrounding destinations; Ko Pi Pi, Khao Lak and Rai le beach are found their recovery from the disaster of Tsunami in 2004. Only few evidence of it was found. In summary, Gregory Dicum of the New York Times identified Phuket as a paradise of mangrove with the good service quality at the price for the modest budgets of middle-class European and Asian families.

Who else the luxury?

The other high-rated luxury destinations are:
? Beirut, Lebanon
? Fjallnas, Sweden
? Maremma, Italy
? Monterry, Mexico
? Bhutan
? Seychelles
? Boracay, The Phillippines
? Cologne, Italy
? Red sea, Egypt
? Kazakhstan
? Stockholm, Sweden

Thai style world class?

There are some evidences of the newly significant change at the top-end touirsm in Thailand especially beach destinations.

? ? to push luxury to new levels,
? combining global style with Thai hospitality and tropical luxury ?
? with private villas ??

Quality of service (luxury) and cost (value for money) usually a trade-off characteristics of products ? hardly found good qulity with the low price. But here it is, Thailand as the luxury destination with the good value for money stated by the Western side.

Come on! The oppportunities has fortunately come hit us, what are you waiting for?

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