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From Suvarnabhumi to Santika: Is Thai tourism in the hell? Print E-mail

by Pairach Piboonrungroj
The Bluebird perspectives No.3

5 January 2009

The incident of the protest at Suvarnabhumi airport is somehow acceptable to the tourists according to the democracy reason. But the incident of tragedy at Santika pub on the New Year?s Eve is unacceptable at all.

?Safety concerns: Survivors have accused the venue of ignoring basic safety rules, says BBC reporter.?

Safety, safety, and safety definitely ruin the confidence in an image of Thailand as a safety tourist destination. This is seriously a massive problem that makes people in the tourism industry suffer more and more. The incident decreases the confidence perceived not only by international tourists but also domestic touirsts and especially local tourists. It is recognised that night-entertainment is a critical sector in the tourism industry particularly in big cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya. I cannot imagine how tourism in Chiang Mai, my hometown, can survive if nightlife travelers reduce by half.

Here in Cardiff, what I can see is only bad news about Thailand whereas our tourism business rivals like Singapore or Taiwan keep promoting their tourist destinations (that actually cannot compete with us at all) by advertising all their good things. We, Thailand as a tourist destination, do not have to do so. What we need is to eliminate the bad news as much as possible. Get the confidence back is the top priority and never destroy it again. Then, when the rain has gone, the sun will shine to Thailand again ? hopefully.



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